AJ Arabia

AJ ARABIA was founded by Ali Aljaberi in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Inspired to create beautiful, ornate bottles which not only visually represented the intricate, beautiful nature of Arabian architecture, Aljaberi’s perfumes combine the deluxe oriental scents of Arabia with floral aromas from across the world.

AJ Arabia is known for its two key collections: Black and Gold. For those looking for the spice and depth of Arabian Oud, the Gold Collection provides users with the strength and opulence of more fragrances with amber and musk at their core. AJ Arabia’s Black Collection provides a wider range of lighter, every-day wear fragrances that are elegant and noticeable without being overpowering.

Rather than featuring a host of different names, each scent from the house are designated by number. In a world filled with gendered fragrances, AJ Arabia’s has decided to breathe freedom into their fragrances with their motto—”If you like it, wear it.” In short, rather than designating a gender for each brand, their scents are unisex, and for anyone who fancies the flavour. —

A new brand, the earliest fragrance was created in 2014. AJ Arabia fragrances were made in collaboration with perfumers Ali Aljaberi and Jean-Claude Astier.

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About the Brand

AJ ARABIA is a perfumery house founded by Ali Aljaberi in Abu Dhabi.

Original fragrances which say a lot about a person who wants to be different, while remaining anchored to his roots and heritage.

It has the charm of adventure and finding the unknown, history of discovery, strong desire and the belief that all roads lead home.

AJ Arabia is a splendid example of contemporary Arab spirit, modern, but at the same time traditional perfumes.
Carefully handled to perfection and is a great reflection of the ultra-modern style of the region.

Enticing aroma attracts and enchants with its scent and serenity. Delicate and fragrant perfume takes you on a journey to the marvellous heritage of the Middle East.

“Your perfume is your unseen personality, expresses your mood and reveals all your scents”

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