Loup Noir_Tryano

Loup Noir

Desired, admired, esteemed. A bag by Loup Noir carries the seal of exclusivity not only in name, but visible to anyone externally: Initials are applied as a monogram on the model, in favored color combinations.

There is no way for more exclusivity.

The demand is rising, the availability is limited quickly. Fashionistas global celebrate the pieces as eye-catching must-haves.

The bags by the German design duo are distinguished by great quality craftsmanship, respect for the materials used and artistic inspiration. With it, Loup Noir combines modern graphic elements, historical drafts and current color combinations with great success. The combination of leather and coated canvas from finest Italian origin, designed and printed separately for each pattern and each bag and the production in Italy in Veneto justified Loup Noir with high standards of quality and detail.

Each print is designed around the bag, and the bag simultaneously around the print.


Loup Noir Opens at TRYANO, Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

We invite you to discover the world of Loup Noir at TRYANO where we carry a full range of bags.

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