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Purificacion Garcia

With three complete collections, women, men and accessories, Purificación Garcia understands fashion as a universal language which must adapt to daily needs. Therefore she believes in versatile designs and insists on jackets as the key garment, though less structured and lighter than they used to be.

Purificación Garcia’s contemporary spirit is shown in the shops where fine materials combine to create spectacular architecture. An amalgam of sensations which live together with a setting of unadorned sculptural volumes, where wood plays the main role.

She was born in Northern Spain and spent her childhood in Montevideo. Her first job was in a textile company in this city, where she acquired great knowledge of fabrics, the basis of her future profession. When she was 21 she moved to Canada, where she got in touch with the fur industry. After a brief time in New York, in 1978 she decided to return to Spain, making her final residence in Barcelona.

Purificación Garcia Opens at TRYANO, Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi

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