Tryano Simonetta


Simonetta Spa is an Italian company founded in the first half of the 1950s and today run by Roberto Stronati, Chairman and Managing Director, together with his sisters Simonetta Stronati and Valeria Stronati, Managing Directors, with the support of the third generation of the family.

Simonetta Tryano FW

Internationally known for its unique and unmistakable style of its children’s fashions collections, Simonetta Spa currently produces the following clothing lines: Simonetta, Simonetta Mini, Simonetta Tiny and Simonetta Shoes as an active licence.

In addition to the owned lines, the company has licensing agreements for the production and global distribution of the children’s lines of Lanvin and Aston Martin and a production partnership with the Fendi Maison.


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