Free Same Day Delivery Above AED 250

Tryano Price Match

At TRYANO, we always strive to make your shopping experience rewarding. Taking this mission, a notch higher, here is our price match promise! Spot an identical product at a lower price and claim your price match as store credit.

How do you claim your Price Match?

  • Purchase online or in-store at TRYANO
  • Spot an identical item at a lower price within 30 days
  • Approach us with your price match request
  • If your price match qualifies, get the difference as a store credit

Your Checklist:

  • Identical Product: Same brand, same color, same size, and the same styling
  • Product Price: Full price, No discount, No sale, Includes delivery charge
  • Competitor: Competitor within UAE & price in AED - United Arab Emirates Dirham
  • Is the brand featured in the participating concession brands list?

Terms & Conditions:

  • Item must be identical in terms of brand, color, size, and styling.
  • Terms & Conditions:
  • Item must be identical in terms of brand, color, size, and styling.
  • The item bought must be full price at the time of price match
  • Item must not be ‘Out of Stock’
  • Item must be purchased from TRYANO first. In case of an online purchase, a price match cannot be processed prior to the delivery of the item.
  • The price match must be claimed within 30 days of your order date.
  • Discounts, liquidations, auctions, outlets, stores that are undergoing closing down sales and second-hand items cannot be part of the offer. This applies to both online and offline competitor stores.
  • Discounts applied at checkout/ special promotions run by the competitor are not covered (including but not limited to loyalty program discounts).
  • Any rebate in taxes, shipping charges and import duties that might reduce the price of the product cannot be taken into consideration while matching the price.
  • The price must be in the same currency (i.e. AED). If your item is not set to AED, then we will price match the following currencies (USD, GBP, EURO), using the Tryano exchange rates (subject to currency fluctuation).
  • In the case of e-commerce, the items must include the delivery charge, if any, to the identical delivery location.
  • Price match is subject to management approval and only limited to one piece for each item type.
  • The price match is not valid on non-participating brands. *
  • The price match is not applicable to beauty items.
  • The shipping option for the relevant item on the competitor’s website must be set to the same country as the Tryano delivery country for the item you ordered and wish to price match and be within the United Arab Emirates.
  • In-store credit voucher would be issued with a 6 months validity