The ERBORIAN skincare brand combines the effectiveness of herbs from the traditional Korean pharmacopoeia with Korean formulation technologies. ERBORIAN creates hybrid products, such as its iconic BB and CC creams, which bridge the gap between skincare and makeup. They reflect a key desire of the brand: to enable all women to achieve their own perfect skin, simply and differently.


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  1. Bamboo Waterlock 100ML
    Erborian Bamboo Waterlock 100ML
    210.00 AED
  2. Matte Creme 45ML
    Erborian Matte Creme 45ML
    200.00 AED
  3. CC Creme 45ML
    Erborian CC Creme 45ML
    195.00 AED
  4. Glow Creme 45ML
    Erborian Glow Creme 45ML
    185.00 AED
  5. Pink Perfect Creme 45ML
    Erborian Pink Perfect Creme 45ML
    185.00 AED
  6. BB Creme Nude 45ML
    Erborian BB Creme Nude 45ML
    185.00 AED
  7. BB Creme Dore 45ML
    Erborian BB Creme Dore 45ML
    185.00 AED
  8. Yuza Sorbet Eye 15ML
    Erborian Yuza Sorbet Eye 15ML
    180.00 AED
  9. Bamboo Creme Frappee 50ML
    Erborian Bamboo Creme Frappee 50ML
    180.00 AED
  10. Sleeping Bb Mask 50ML
    Erborian Sleeping Bb Mask 50ML
    170.00 AED
  11. Yuza Double Lotion 190ML
    Erborian Yuza Double Lotion 190ML
    167.00 AED
  12. Solid Cleansing Oil 80G
    Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil 80G
    165.00 AED
  13. Bamboo Matte Lotion 190ML
    Erborian Bamboo Matte Lotion 190ML
    145.00 AED
  14. Seve De Bamboo Eye 15ML
    Erborian Seve De Bamboo Eye 15ML
    145.00 AED
  15. Bamboo Splash 80ML
    Erborian Bamboo Splash 80ML
    145.00 AED
  16. Black Cleansing Oil 190ML
    Erborian Black Cleansing Oil 190ML
    135.00 AED
  17. Double Mousse 90ML
    Erborian Double Mousse 90ML
    130.00 AED
  18. CC Creme 15ML
    Erborian CC Creme 15ML
    95.00 AED
  19. Matte Creme 15ML
    Erborian Matte Creme 15ML
    90.00 AED
  20. Glow Creme 15ML
    Erborian Glow Creme 15ML
    85.00 AED
  21. Pink Perfect Creme 15ML
    Erborian Pink Perfect Creme 15ML
    85.00 AED
  22. BB Creme Nude 15ML
    Erborian BB Creme Nude 15ML
    85.00 AED
28 items
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