The AW'19 Edit

The AW'19 Edit


Meet Mary Alice Malone, the creative mind behind Malone Souliers.

by Nehad Metawie

An Olympic equestrian dressage rider with a flaming passion for artisan design, the prominent Mary Alice Malone followed her heart to the school of art in Colorado. A multitalented artist, she was captivated by furniture-making, welding, carpentry and upholstery, and upon mastering all skills she finally identified her true calling as a ‘Maker’. Inspired by the significance of shoes in a woman’s world, she pursued the notion of designing and creating shoes. Malone enhanced her craftsmanship at the London College of Fashion and groomed her skills at renowned ateliers until her own brand made its striking debut. Disciplined, practical and dedicated to perfection, her treasured products are the perfect match for every woman whose desires she works so diligently to fulfil. Architecturally designed, trendy and comfortable, Malone Souliers shouts confidence. With a season unveiling evolving colours and fabrics that reflect women’s personal style, and a big launch with the men’s collection, AW19 is bound to be a remarkable season in the world of Malone Souliers.

Tryano: What is the inspiration behind your AW19 collection?
Mary Alice Malone:For Autumn Winter 2019, I continued to explore themes of identity and belonging through the study of symmetry, and a quite analytical attitude to proportion and structure. I reinvented and reinforced key brand detailing but reimagined in new and always evolving fabrications and colours. As it has always been the brand trademark.
T: What is your vision for the brand?
MAM:We just launched our debut Men’s Collection which marks a new chapter for Malone Souliers. I have always seen myself embracing new challenges that I then channel into my brand.
T: The Tryano campaign this season is all about escaping through art and architecture, given your background in furniture-making, how has art influenced your designs?
MAM: I enrolled in an art school in Colorado and it was then that a desire for artisan design began. I studied furniture-making, welding, carpentry and found that I loved using my hands to make things. I channelled this passion for craftsmanship into the process of designing and creating shoes, studying the Cordwainers course at the London College of Fashion.

T: How would you describe the Emirati woman and how do you want her to feel when she wears your product?
MAM:I find the women in the Middle East to be so inspiring. Our designs have a modern femininity with a directional edge which we find is reflective of their own personal style.
T: What is something you would like to share that our readers don’t know about you?
MAM:I practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu.
T: How would you describe Malone Souliers in three words?
MAM:Unapologetically confidently feminine.
T: Would you like to share any future collaborations or projects with our readers?
MAM:We have some very exciting collaborations to announce, besides continuing our great relationship with Roksanda. But I want to keep this as a little teaser.


T: How do you start your day?
MAM: Tending to my baby daughter and then having a coffee.
T: If we have a look in your bag, what would we find?
MAM: Toys for my little baby girl.
T: How would you describe yourself as a boss?
MAM:I am a listener before anything else.
T: Who inspires you the most?
MAM:Oprah Winfrey is my inspirational woman in every aspect. What she has personally achieved is incredible.
T: What’s your favorite hobby?
MAM: Growing kale in my garden, this has now become a new favourite hobby.
T: Flats or heels?
MAM: I would say both.

Tryano invites you to enter the extraordinary world of Malone Souliers and expect to find the most impeccable designs. Modern femininity, classical creations and a newly crafted women’s collection await every eager shoe lover.