Dana Hourani

Tryano: Your personal style is truly unique. Did your passion and talent for style come naturally or you built it throughout the years?

Dana Hourani: I built it throughout the years, it is ongoing. I felt like since I was 14-15 years old I had a great interest in fashion and I was going on the path of self-discovery through fashion. I kind of just trust my gut on what I like.

T: Tell us more about your character #IAmBold in the Tryano campaign, how does it reflect on your style and personality?

DH: I am a bold and unconventional person by nature, apart from fashion and what I do, I am always looking for things outside of my comfort zone and this reflects in my personal style naturally without having to force it. I like to do things that are outside of the norm and I have a lust for life. I named my daughter Zoe, which means life. All these things put together represent who I am.

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T: Do you consider yourself as a trendsetter or are you influenced by the trends, or a combination of both?

DH: I never really followed trends although, sometimes, of course I like to know about trends for inspiration. It’s mainly about what fits me and my identity and my look. What’s important for me is to look in the mirror and feel comfortable. I am always online researching, looking through magazines, looking through Instagram. I follow a lot of accounts that I like to find inspiration from and I think subconsciously it sticks and registers. I take it all and then give it back in my own way and language.

T: Why did you decide to collaborate with Tryano on this campaign?

DH: I am very selective with the brands I collaborate with but Tryano for me was a no brainer. I related to the idea of the campaign automatically and I knew that it was going to be successful; it’s just a gut feeling that I have. I also trust my initial gut feeling which told me to go with it. On the other hand, it’s also because of the brands Tryano carries and the mentality behind how you are going about the campaign, the inspiration behind it which fits well with my direction.

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T: What does the red color mean to you?

DH: It’s a funny story because everyone asks me what does red mean to you. It doesn’t really mean anything to me. It’s something that I found myself incorporating a lot of red touches in my photos without noticing and eventually it became a signature that I carried through.

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T: You are an artist, a musician, etc. Do you think that this has an impact on your fashion style?

DH: I don’t think that being a musician has much of an impact on my style. Fashion is being true to who you are so maybe the fact that I am a musician subconsciously plays a role. I don’t make an effort to combine both. I am very into the rock chic style I don’t know if it’s because I am a musician, if it is it goes with the personality but there is no direct correlation. I try to stay true to who I am as much as I can.

T: How would you describe yourself ?

DH: I love to live life. I love to be out of my comfort zone. I have a lust for life. I always like to push boundaries in everything I do because at the end of the day you have one life to live. This is something I teach my daughter every day; to always break out of the norm. I don’t want her to do things just because it is the norm.