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Meet Reema Al Banna, the designer behind the distinctive and unique brand Reemami.

This UAE based fashion designer, behind all the success of the award-winning brand Reemami is nothing short of a fashion wonder. Creating bold, fun and distinctive designs with unique cuts and patterns season after season, Reema Al Banna is bound to continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Reemami is the embodiment of an inspiring and experimental success journey, where Al Banna has portrayed pure art in her individualistic designs. With over 20 collections that tell charming stories, detailed playful concepts and hand illustrated graphics, her signature brand is special in every way. A forward thinker and a passionate optimist, she envisions the Reemami woman as a fashion forward hunter for unique sustainable pieces, made with love.

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Tryano: Tell us more about how it all started and your journey so far.

Reema Al Banna: I was given complete freedom to design my room as a child. I ended up spray painting everything, down to the carpet! Enrolled in architecture school, then changed majors to graphic design, in which I worked for a few years.One day, I decided to quit my day job to pursue my other passion which was fashion! With no business plan, no capital, but my drive for creativity and creating clothes which tell fresh surreal stories! I started Reemami at the age of 23, with no real fashion background except a diploma from a fashion school, and bachelor’s in graphic design.

It all started when I submitted my designs to a local “design a dress” competition that I spotted in a local newspaper, I won the competition and that was when Reemami was born! I had my first ever platform to display my creations, in one of the quirkiest coolest stores in Dubai. It was fully funded by my previous month's salary. Fast forward nine years later; I've released over 20 collections, and each one of them tells a fresh story and a message with value to share with the Reemami girl.

T: Did being a graphic designer make it easier for you to enter the world of fashion design?

R: Working in an advertising agency truly helped me to think outside the box and to do things differently. After a few years in fashion I realized I can combine my graphics with fashion, in textile prints, as well as branding. Knowing graphic design I think is a necessity in the fashion world, If not, you’ll be totally dependent on someone else’s skills.

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T:  Tell us more about your collections and the inspiration behind them.

R: I started creating clothes inspired from architecture and geometry, then one day

I collaborated with a special needs artists from a Dubai based school called “mawaheb from beautiful people”. After that collection, I realised that was how I can combine both talents. Ever since then, I started telling stories through hand sketched and painted illustrations. Stories were based on my current hobbies, experiences, or topics I wanted to highlight.

T:  Can you describe the Reemani women?

R: Reemami has become recognized for its signature experimental cuts, convertible pieces, playful concepts and hand illustrated graphics, which showcase a passion to dress the cool, quirky and stylish woman. She is fashion forward and hunts for unique pieces made with so much love, are sustainable and have a story behind each piece.

T:  Can you name some of the celebrities who wore your designs so far?

R: Reemami was spotted multiple times on her majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Kelly Rowland, Bella Hadid, Princess Deena Abdulaziz, Tiffany Smith, to name a few.

T:  What is next for Reema and Reemami?

R: So many exciting collections in the pipeline, an exciting collaboration (can’t say much now), and hopefully keep creating pieces that drive me!  Eco-friendly pieces that would be worn and passed on from generation to generation!

Tryano invites you into the unique world of Reemami, where you will enjoy a myriad of out of the box designs that are sustainable and quirky and tell a beautiful story.