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The Entrepreneur Edit

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Photography Moez Achour

Get a glimpse of the all-in-one world of Anas Bukhash.

A prominent entrepreneur, an impassioned soccer player, and an enthusiastic sports fan, this Emirati influencer is an avid experimenter. He dares to venture into the intriguing unknown. He pursues his passion and hopes for the best. Whether it’s a victory or a realization, it’s a win-win situation. With a growing admiration for art and its profundity, he is eager to explore it deeper. Meet Anas Bukhash, founder of Bukhash Brothers and co-founder of Ahdaaf Sports Club, as he shares with Tryano the inspirations behind his fashion choices and his artistic impressions

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Tryano: Tell us more about yourself and what you do?
Anas Bukhash: I’m a guy who likes to do things that I love and ‘know’ that I’m good at; hence following passions that I believe I can be successful at. I’m definitely a trier. I go for it, give it my best shot, and see what happens. I don’t want to live a life of “what if’s”, I prefer to give it a go and know that I did try and gave it my best. The outcome is you either be successful or you learn, so the bottom line is that it’s always a win-win, you don’t really lose.
T: How would you describe your fashion style and how did it evolve throughout the years?
AB: It has evolved a lot as fashion and tastes do. My fashion style would generally be categorized probably as high-end street fashion. I appreciate edginess in the way I dress.
T: Are you an art lover? Is it a kind of escape for you?
AB: Art is broad. I believe it is in everything. However, if we’re going to stick to what is commonly known, I have never delved into art, but I’m starting to gradually be curious about it.

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T: What is your passion for football?
AB: I love football. I played at a semi-professional level in the US and the UAE, but at the moment I enjoy watching the team I like to support.
T: In the last couple of years we have seen that men are more into the fashion scene, do you relate to that?
AB: Yes of course. Men have learnt to express themselves more through fashion and how they represent themselves.
T: What is your go to look?
AB: High-end street wear

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T: Looking at your Instagram page, you wear a cap most of the time, what’s the story behind that?
AB: It’s an easy way to control my hair :)
T: Who inspires your fashion style?
AB: Myself.
T: What’s your favorite trend this season?
AB: Skinny ripped jeans, and loose t-shirts.

Whether you’re a sports fan or a business entrepreneur, art will always find its way to your heart!