The Extreme Escape Edit

The Extreme Escape Edit

Extreme Escape

Meet Ghida Arnaout who turned her passion into the ultimate escape.

A clinical dietitian, an advertising star, a daring rock climber, an adventurous self-taught skydiver, and a bold ice climber, Ghida Arnaout knows no limits when it comes to thrilling expeditions. Upon an extreme career shift, she has finally found her heart, and it pretty much rests amidst a ton of adrenaline. Mention a crazy adventure, and her exhilarated eyes will light up with excitement. Her life is a big outdoor ‘escape’ that is ornamented with great music and breath-taking excursions. She empowers people to get out of their comfort zone and embark on a journey of self- discovery until they find a sport that they’re passionate about. Ghida’s courage and enthusiasm for “Extreme Sports” is quite contagious, Tryano’s advice? Read on and get prepare to disconnect to the world’s utmost thrill!

Tryano: Who is Ghida Arnaout and how did you get involved with extreme sports?

Ghida Arnaout: I’m just a regular 32-year-old who people sometimes call crazy, and I’m not sure why. I’ve been living in Dubai for 9 years, first working as a clinical dietitian, and then completely changing careers to work in advertising. I’ve always been a lover of adventures and crazy things, but it became a passion of mine when I had an accident in 2013; I fractured my hip and had to stay in a wheelchair for 3 months. When that happened, I also lost my job and depression and anxiety kicked in. The minute I could walk again, I booked a flight to Nepal and went on my own. When I healed completely, I went on a rock-climbing trip with some people in Dubai and this was where I fell in love with this sport. I loved the adrenaline rush, so it didn’t stop there.

T: Tell us about more about your blog MonkyseeMonkydo.

GA: My blog actually started as a street style and music blog. Then after I had my accident and I started sharing it on Instagram, my blog turned into a travel and adventure blog. I wanted to share my story and I felt that people needed to connect to nature more and explore more, so I started sharing my experiences.

T: What is your next adventure? What would you like to get out of it?

GA: My next adventure is actually a part of my job now, which is taking people on these experiences with me and my partner through our company Life Happens Outdoors. This time we are taking people to try ice climbing in Georgia. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people try something for the first time.

T: Why did you decide to collaborate with Tryano on this campaign?

GA: The campaign is under the theme of escape which goes perfectly in line with what I do and my passion which is helping people disconnect to reconnect with themselves and with nature, which is our home.
T: How do you disconnect and escape from your busy schedule and life?
GA: I go to the mountains and the great outdoors. Nothing grounds me and calms me like being there. Being in the outdoors with good music and a good book is what makes me happy.

T: When is your next escape, is it alone, with family or friends? and why did you choose this destination?

GA: I haven’t planned it yet. I usually plan my escapes very spontaneously and I love doing them on my own. It’s part of my self-care routine.

Embrace your fear, take the risk and escape to the extreme, and beyond! Please remember to capture those precious moments!!

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