The Fashion Escape Edit

The Fashion Escape Edit

The Fashion Escape

Meet Arwa Al Banawi who turned her passion into the ultimate escape.

With the strong, independent and futuristic woman in mind, Arwa Al Banawi’s designs for SS19 are nothing short of inspiring. This proud Saudi Arabian superstar designer is deeply influenced by her culture and roots. Her brand is a pure personification of her life and her story. Descending from an art loving family, it comes as no surprise that she grew up with an exceptional passion for art and an ever-growing interest in creating artistic designs that impact and empower women from her region. Her signature pieces convey bold Arabic statements merged with a collage of bright colors, in a spectacular endeavor to get the old to blend with the new, and the east to merge with the west. Arwa’s local escapes to the desert leave us humbled by this young entrepreneur’s attachment to her heritage, and her desire to consistently empower people of her region. Read on to get to know the people, places and getaways that are behind the success of this multicultural, artistic traveler whose designs stand to empower the voices of tomorrow.

Tryano: Tell us a bit about your background. Where is home for you?
Arwa Al Banawi: I live between Jeddah and Dubai where my showroom is, I also have a home in Switzerland. That is why streetwear is installed in my collection along with the Saudi cultural aesthetic, my brand is my story, it’s my life- where I grew up, where I'm from, and the cities I get inspired by.

T: Tell us about your favorite SS19 trends and your latest collection.
AB: This season is all about futurism; florescent colors and structure, the same trends that our collection carries. The collection is a merge of those colors with bold Arabic statements that say "Like a dream " and “The Reality”. It is inspired by the 90’s silhouettes, over-sized blazers, leggings, etc.

T: Travel is a great passion of yours. Why so? Does it influence your designs?
AB: Very much.. I love to learn about different cultures, to get lost in them.. I never go to commercial touristic places when I travel.. I go where locals go.. I love to meet local designers from furniture to fabric makers to chefs and bakers and artists.

T: What do you want women to feel when wearing your designs?
AB: Confident. I want them to feel like they can do and achieve anything.

T: Why did you decide to collaborate with Tryano on this campaign?
AB: I love Tryano, I love their message of empowering women from the region, I love that they care to speak to young women who are the voice of tomorrow, and to celebrate people from our beautiful region.

T: How do you disconnect and escape from your busy schedule and life?
AB: I go to the desert.. I love the desert.. I love to listen to nature and watch sunsets..

T: When is your next escape, is it alone, with family or friends? and why did you choose this destination?
AB: I will escape to Mykonos with family and friends, it’s my favorite island – it’s raw and vibrant with good people and good energy. I love the beach, the hills and the bohemian inspired places and cactuses all around.

Tryano invites you to escape to the relaxing deserts of Arabia in pride and style with Arwa Al Banawi’s SS19 collection that is destined to leave you in a state of nostalgia. This back to the future collection is unique, bold, artistic and extremely empowering.