The Life-Changing Escape Edit

The Life-Changing Escape Edit

The Life-Changing Escape

Meet Maryam Fattahi Salaam who turned her passion into the ultimate escape.

Talk about a drastic career shift! This UAE-born Iranian marvel wows us with her unmatched determination to pursue a life-changing dream. After years of studying economics and law in the U.S, Maryam, a proud mother of 3, found herself compelled to pay it forward to her city of birth, upon discovering the SECRET of the 57 minute workout. With the purpose of being an integral part of people’s daily lives, Physique 57 promotes the progressive goal of being healthy and well. While she provides the ultimate escape for her clients, she shares with us some of her favorite personal escapes: N.Bar, coffee, family trips, Netflix and above all exclusive quality time with her boys!

Tryano: Tell us more about yourself.
Mariam Fattahi Salaam: It feels like I’ve lived several lives before settling back in Dubai in 2010. A Dubai born and raised Iranian, I left in 2000 to pursue my higher education in the United States - Economics, followed by Law. The time I spent abroad made me who I am today; a lawyer, entrepreneur, wife and my most treasured role – mom of Ali, Rashid and Saif.

T: From a corporate lawyer in the States, why did you decide to bring Physique 57 to the region and make this shift in your career?
MFS: Physique 57, or Physique as regulars call it, integrates cardio, strength training and stretching in a 57-minute class. I fell in love with the efficacy and simplicity of the technique when I discovered it in NY after the birth of my first child. A gracefully hard work out, it was the one thing that managed to get my body in its best shape ever, and my mind in its healthiest state. Feeling a sense of obligation towards the city in which I was raised, I wanted every woman to benefit from this method. Our tagline is "Sculpting bodies, Changing lives," and to be a part of peoples’ daily experiences of achieving that is gratifying beyond measure.

T: What do you want women to feel when they walk out of Physique 57?
MFS: I want to unleash the unlimited potential in every single life we touch. So when women walk out feeling happy and confident, we know we've done our job.

T: Why did you decide to collaborate with Tryano on this campaign?
MFS: The Tryano name stands for excellence in the form of the highest quality encompassing even the tiniest detail. Both the brand and this particular campaign stand for what I and countless others strive to achieve every single day - an experience that is fulfilling, remarkable and alive.

T: How do you disconnect and escape from your busy schedule and life?
MFS: While I do love the busy-ness of my life, I struggle with handling the pressure to do it all sans burning out (I tend to set a pretty high bar for myself). Learning to treat myself with more compassion has been a work in progress. But I know I need to take care of myself in order to be my very best. My regular escapes include working out at Physique 57, a mani/pedi at N.Bar, grabbing an impromptu coffee with a girlfriend, and Netflix! I also escape to something I like to call '100% present time' with my family. When I get home from work, I leave my phone in my bedroom and try hard to disconnect so I can spend uninterrupted time with them.