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Meet Angelique Turner, a Dubai-based makeup artist; she shares with us her passion for making people feel good about themselves, 
her insights on the AW18 beauty trends and the four makeup looks she created based on the personalities highlighted in the Tryano campaign.




Tryano: Can you give us a bit of background on yourself, how did you decide to become a makeup artist?
Angelique Turner: Becoming a makeup artist was a complete career change that happened in my late 20’s. Although I worked for Christian Dior when I was at university, I started my professional life in the corporate world, first in a hedge fund in Australia and then when I moved to Dubai I was working with the developer who opened the Palazzo Versace hotel. I quit my job and went to Los Angeles to train as a makeup artist. I always had a passion for art and making people feel good about themselves. It has been a natural progression. Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to have had some incredible opportunities with major magazine covers and working with some remarkable personalities.

T: What are the AW18 makeup trends?
AT: We are seeing the AW18 trends really go across the spectrum. I’ve observed glitter, crystals, gold foil and color on eyelids. And I’ve also seen very clean looks which is a trend that has been around for the past few seasons and is one of my favorites. As it is Autumn/Winter, there is always going to be a bold lip and we are seeing brown, brick tones alongside reds, plums and berries. Glossy is being chosen over matte for lips too. Skin is fresh indicating skincare and priming is super important to achieve a natural glow. The standout trend for me is really using colored eyeshadows and jewel tone smoky eyes to make a statement. The bronze and the gold eyes are still there but there is a lot of color being shown on runway looks. This look is being translated more subtly on the red carpet in softer use of these colors in makeup looks on celebrities.

T: Can you share some tips and tricks with our readers?
AT: Of course! Sharing beauty knowledge is my favorite pastime. I would say my most important tip is to really look after your skin. Find a routine that works for you and be consistent with it. Having great skin is the key for the most flawless makeup application. One of my top tips for skin preparation is using a cold compress or ice on the skin before you apply your makeup. It will bring the blood to the surface giving a glow and plumping the skin. Another is lip prep. I really feel like we forget to prep our lips before makeup. I always use a sugar-based lip scrub on myself and clients before I even start the skin prep and then coat the lips in balm, so they are ready for when we get to lipstick at the end. Make up your mind and tell us who you are; Are you Bold? Are you Vivid? Are you Chic? Are you Fierce? You can’t hide it anymore; your face will tell!