Get to know the woman behind Tibi.

Admiring her father’s art as a child, Amy Smilovic, grew up with a passion for creativity. Channeling that energy into sketching and carefully selecting individual fabrics culminated into her dream of Tibi, a unique modern clothing line with a grand portfolio. Starting with just a few designs in her first collection, today Amy luxuriously creates around 11 collections a year with designs that mirror strength, individuality, and striking creativity. With “Living one’s truth” as her motto, Amy Smilovic believes that everyone’s unique identity boosts their confidence, and makes them shine through their unique sense of style. By using recycled and organic materials, as well as fibers from sustainable ethical farms, Tibi is certainly a brand that honors sustainability. Designing durable luxury designs that can adorn your closet forever, Amy Smilovic is determined to maintain a modern, high-quality, and environmentally friendly brand name. Tryano invites you to explore Tibi’s soul and authenticity as Amy Smilovic tells her story.

  1. Satin Poplin Vneck Shirt W/ Removable Tie
    Satin Poplin Vneck Shirt W/ Removable Tie
    As low as 708.00 AED Regular Price 1,415.00 AED
  2. Drape Twill Pleated Cargo Pant
    Drape Twill Pleated Cargo Pant
    As low as 900.00 AED Regular Price 1,800.00 AED
  3. Silk Jumpsuit - Green
    Silk Jumpsuit - Green
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  4. Silk Tie Neck Dress - Orange
    Silk Tie Neck Dress - Orange
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Tryano: Where did your journey start?
Amy Smilovic: That’s a tough one to answer. Quite literally, I created Tibi when I was living in Hong Kong in 1997. I’ve always been passionate about creativity, luxury, business, etc. When I started Tibi it was really the culmination of myriad experiences that led me to creating the first collection.

T: Tell us more about your latest collection and the inspiration behind it.

AS: Our Spring 2020 collection is about to be introduced in stores. I’m always fascinated by shapes, structure, and what makes a piece completely modern, but highly functional at the same time. We explored how different textures or shoulder shapes can transform a garment and then, quite literally, transform the mindset of the wearer. When creating a new collection, we don’t think about it in a thematic way, we really crawl into our heads and explore who we want to be and what we want our clothing to say about us as individuals.

T: How do you want women to feel when wearing your brand?

AS: I want them to feel creative. Like they are filled with ideas, that they have a racing pulse. I want them to be strong and curious. When you wear items that are creative, have strength and are interesting then it is quite natural that you will begin to feel this way.

Get to know the woman behind TibiGet to know the woman behind Tibi
  1. Drape Twill Trench Dress
    Drape Twill Trench Dress
    As low as 1,518.00 AED Regular Price 3,035.00 AED
  2. Tropical Wool Slouch Sculptedpleat Pant
    Tropical Wool Slouch Sculptedpleat Pant
    As low as 860.00 AED Regular Price 1,720.00 AED

T:“Living your truth” seems like your formula of success, how does it translate in your everyday life (work and personal)?

AS:Yes, I think that the best success is derived from knowing who you are and having the confidence and conviction that it is good enough. Good enough for you. If it’s not good for someone else, then that’s ok. You can’t be everything to everyone. As long as you are a good person, of course. That goes for dressing. If you are creative and pragmatic like I am, then you have something to say about yourself and your style which is a great way to communicate that. When I have that balance of interest, modernity with functionality then I am at my best. This is what gives me confidence that if I like it, if I love it, that’s good enough for me.

T: Tryano’s theme this year revolves around sustainability in all its aspects, what are your thoughts on this and how does Tibi integrate sustainability within its strategy and operations?

AS: Sustainability is incredibly important, and we tackle it in three different ways.

The first way we approach it is we are always looking at using recycled products, organic products, and fibers from sustainable ethical farms. The second way we look at it is by not overproducing. We have committed to reducing the amount of clothing we are producing to the lowest inventory levels possible, meaning cut to order, which eliminates tremendous waste. Most of the issues in clothing are because of over production. Finally, we focus on the longevity of clothing from both a quality standpoint (luxury) and from a trend standpoint (creating items made to fuel your wardrobe, work with past designs and eliminating the angst to throw away an entire closet each year and start fresh). We love it when people wear our clothes over and over and over. And they do.

T: Why did you decide to change the image of the brand? Have digital platforms contributed to that change?

AS: It was almost 8 years ago now that we recognized that the contemporary segment was not an area for the future for Tibi. It was limited in how creative we could be (brands in contemporary sell trends vs. ideas), the contemporary category was eclipsed by fast fashion, and there was certainly no room for sustainability. I did not believe we had a future in contemporary. I love design, luxury, and creativity and had a team that was ready to change things up, so it was the right thing to do. Digital has given us a platform to communicate directly with consumers about what we believe in. So digital (Instagram) has helped tremendously from that perspective.

  1. Claude Sequins Layered Halter Dress
    Claude Sequins Layered Halter Dress
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  2. Chalky Drape Square Neck Dropwaist Dress
    Chalky Drape Square Neck Dropwaist Dress
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  3. Silk Asymmetric Ruffle Blouse - Blood Orange
    Silk Asymmetric Ruffle Blouse - Blood Orange
    As low as 1,000.00 AED Regular Price 2,000.00 AED
  4. Avril Sparkle Sequin Dress - Silver
    Avril Sparkle Sequin Dress - Silver
    As low as 2,010.00 AED Regular Price 4,020.00 AED

T: What are your thoughts on the Middle Eastern women and how does Tibi cater to her?

AS: The best compliment I received was from my friend Yousra Zein (@hayekk_). She told me that she loves Tibi because it is naturally modest and appeals to her. Nothing is forced. It’s creative first and then it “happens” to have attributes that really appeal to her more modest sensibility. She is the epitome of style to me and I hear directly now (through my personal Instagram) from many women in the Middle East that Tibi makes them feel great.

T: Do you think the fact that you didn’t come from a fashion background gave you a different (better) perspective on the industry?

AS: I look at it this way, I have worked in many fields, held different jobs, lived in different areas of the world and in the U.S. I have a very deep appreciation for luxury and design, respect for creatives and the visceral excitement you have when you create something new and modern. I came into an industry that had been run the same way for decades and decades. Not limiting myself to how things “were and are done” and approaching the business from what I thought was a sound logical point of view has worked well for us. Of course, we have made many mistakes along the way. But staying an independent brand has given us the ability to, as a team, to own those mistakes and learn from them.

T: What’s next for Amy Smilovic and Tibi?

AS: We stay razor focused on creating only what we love, knowing that will always take us to the right place. When we move forward based on our collective soul, which is about as authentic as it can get, then we will always land in the right place. The world is changing so fast, you have to have something consistent. That’s our soul.

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